Senior SRE/Support Engineer

Needs to be able to work US East Coast 8:30 AM-7:00 PM.  We are hiring 2 people so you have 4 day x 10 hour shifts including alternating Saturdays.

Job Description

EverQuote is seeking to hire Senior SRE/Support Engineer who have experience testing, maintaining, monitoring and operating at least 3-4 production grade software products at scale.  We are seeking customer oriented engineers who have detective like personalities to dig into logs (, Cloudwatch, ELK, Loggly, Stackdriver), monitoring tools (Grafana, ELK, Datadog, NewRelic, AppDynamics), exception logging (Sentry, Airbrake, Bugsnag, Rollbar, Raygun) and replicate user issues.  If you are comfortable with scripting (python, bash) and SQL to create automated workflows, API integrations or data extraction it will be a big plus.  Having an opinion for building great software services with great attention to detail to meet end user needs is very important.

We respect people who continuously improve and who always think from the end user’s perspective.


If you meet all or some of these qualifications and want to grow in these areas, you are welcome to apply.

  • Research and identify solutions to software and hardware issues and create tools to diagnose issues more efficiently
  • Implement best practices around quality assurance and operations monitoring of software products
  • Fix bugs, deploy hotfix changes to software when needed (comfortable with git, code review, databases and deployments)
  • Implement on-call rotations, integrate alerting systems and manage post-mortem for incidents
  • Analyze system/software health and product features through logging tools (, Cloudwatch, ELK, Loggly, Stackdriver), monitoring tools (Grafana, ELK, Datadog, NewRelic, AppDynamics), and exception logging (Sentry, Airbrake, Bugsnag, Rollbar, Raygun)
  • Work with software engineers to transfer knowledge of the product and train or educate end users on technical features
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, including account setup and network configuration, data issues in the database
  • Ask customers targeted questions to quickly understand the root of the problem
  • Track computer system issues through to resolution, within agreed time limits
  • Talk clients through a series of actions, either via phone, email or chat, until they’ve solved a technical issue
  • Properly escalate unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams (e.g. software developers)
  • Provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers
  • Refer to internal database or external resources to provide accurate tech solutions
  • Ensure all issues are properly logged
  • Prioritize and manage several open issues at one time
  • Follow up with clients to ensure their IT systems are fully functional after troubleshooting
  • Prepare accurate and timely reports
  • Document technical knowledge in the form of notes and manuals
  • Big plus: you have been a process driven QA engineer, you have experiences in API testing, load testing, penetration testing, you know how to edit and run terraform, managed GCP/AWS resources or have AWS architecture certification
  • Maintain jovial relationships with end users

We are still a small team of 20 inside EverQuote and growing to build a distributed team.  We are looking for someone who will fit in this role and is excited about making a huge impact in insurance tech, while working in a collegial, highly collaborative environment—replete with many of the latest communication tools (Slack, Hangouts, JIRA, Confluence, Google Drive etc.)—with the flexibility of working from anywhere (we are distributed across Seattle, Boston, India and Europe).

If you are excited to partake in the growth of EverQuote and take on this challenge please email at with your resume and answer to the following survey: