Senior Sysadmin


We're looking for a system administrator to join the team maintaining and developing our infrastructure, services, and API. Our service run in Docker containers managed via Kubernetes/GCP. Some of our databases currently are using Mongo though we're transitioning to PostgreSQL.

This is a contract to perm position -- we're looking for someone who can do ~15 hours a week. We would prefer an applicant that can split their time between working remote and working in our offices in West Hartford, CT.

An ideal candidate has experience deploying and maintaining:

  • Kubernetes clusters deploying services to them using Helm and web APIs using Docker
  • Secure infrastructure and networking for applications that deal with sensitive user information
  • Network infrastructure including DNS, load balancers, VPCs, SSL certs, etc
  • Logging, health & performance monitoring, alerting, auto-scaling, and so on.
  • Continuous integration/deployment pipelines


  • Google Cloud Platform experience
  • Experience with creating infrastructure specifically for mobile applications
  • MongoDB and/or PostgreSQL experience