RFP: Petition creation consulting (UI/UX and development)

MoveOn is looking for a Petition Creation Consultant (UI/UX & Development). Take a look at the RFP with working links here:

Request for proposal: Petition creation consulting (UI/UX and development) Civic Action seeks proposals to provide user interaction/user experience consulting and development services for our petition creation process. The current process involves filling out a web form on a single page and then confirming petition content to launch (this process is likely to change slightly as we launch a website rebrand in early 2018). We are looking for consulting and development support to build three iterations of this page that we can test, focused primarily on optimizing the mobile petition creation experience by utilizing creative, blue-sky thinking. This includes researching best practices and proposing options, developing the UX for these pages, wireframing and demoing options, and, finally, actually implementing the top 2-3 options.

1. Background information
MoveOn is the largest independent, progressive, digitally-native organizing group in the United States. Launched in 1998, MoveOn pioneered online organizing and advocacy techniques that have become standard in politics, nonprofits, and industry in the U.S. and worldwide. We combine rapid-response political campaigning with deep strategic analysis, rigorous data science and testing, and a culture of grassroots member listening and participation that allows us to consistently and quickly identify opportunities for progressive change—and mobilize millions of members to seize them. Each year, thousands of MoveOn members step up as leaders by using the MoveOn Petitions DIY-organizing platform to create their own petitions and campaigns to drive social change.

Executing this project will involve front-end development work in JavaScript/ React, and, depending on the scope of the changes, also potentially back-end API work in Django, which can be done by a subcontractor, if necessary.

2. Current staffing
The vendor or independent contractor selected for this contract will work with the following MoveOn Team members: Maria Tchijov (Platform Director) and Ann Lewis (Chief Technology Officer).

3. Scope of work
The vendor selected for this engagement will work with members of MoveOn’s mobile and engineering teams to accomplish the following scope of work:

4. General information for request for proposals
Platform Director
The Platform Director is the sole point of contact at MoveOn for this procurement.  All communication between the vendor and MoveOn upon release of this request for proposal shall be with the Platform Director, as follows:
Maria Tchijov,
In the event that the Platform Director will be unavailable for a period of time, an alternate contact will be provided.

Estimated schedule
Request for proposal to prospective vendors: January 10, 2018
Request for proposal returned to MoveOn: February 7, 2018
Request for proposal evaluations completed: February 16, 2018
Contracts negotiated and signed: February 23, 2018
Project completed: April 18, 2018

Submission of proposals
Only electronic submissions will be accepted. The Platform Director must receive the proposal no later than January 31, 2018.
Proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment to an email to the Platform Director, at Proposals should be Word or PDF files.

Proposal contents
Proposals must be written in English and submitted electronically to the Platform Director. Proposals should include:
– Letter of submittal
– Overview of process, including how you plan to get to know MoveOn well enough to be able to do an excellent job on this project
– Current client list or professional references, with contact information
– Three recent examples of UI/UX consulting and development
– Cost of proposal
– Date available to start work

Evaluation criteria
The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals received through this request for proposal process:

  • Quality of provided examples and references

  • Proposed process for getting to know MoveOn and executing excellent work

  • Cost and availability

Most favorable terms
MoveOn reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposal submitted. Therefore, the proposal should be submitted initially on the most favorable terms that the vendor could propose. There will be no best and final offer procedure. MoveOn does reserve the right to contact a vendor for clarification of its proposal.

The vendor should be prepared to accept this request for proposal for incorporation into a contract resulting from this request for proposal. Contract negotiations may incorporate some or the vendor’s entire proposal. It is understood that the proposal will become a part of the official procurement file on this matter without obligation to MoveOn.

No obligations to contract
This request for proposal does not obligate MoveOn to contract for services specified herein.

Rejection of proposals
MoveOn reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals received without penalty and not to issue a contract as a result of this request for proposal.