Customer Success - Europe


Customer Success in Europe 

This role will be our first in Europe and for a time you will be the only person on our team there - although, we suspect that won't be for too long :). Therefore, your role will be broad - focusing on helping Qwilr users and customers - especially those who are new to Qwilr. 
We don't mind where you are based within Europe - but you must have excellent English writing & speaking skills - and some experience working in either sales, success or support. If you speak other European languages that would be a nice bonus. 
You will also need to be able to come to Australia at least once per year to spend a week or two at our Sydney HQ. 

Sales + Success + Support

The simple goal of this role and of our Sales, Support & Success team is to ensure that our customers and users have a great time using Qwilr. No more, no less. 

While our product team work hard to make Qwilr very user friendly, there is a conceptual leap that people need to make when they move from traditional document tools to Qwilr / the web. While some people are completely comfortable doing this by themselves - many people really appreciated a little bit of help. This role is to help them succeed at the job they are trying to do with Qwilr - both for new users of Qwilr, as well as for our more established customers. 


The day to day nature of this role includes: 

  • Helping to onboard our new European users - especially those users who look like they will be a great fit for Qwilr. This will include doing customer demos & calls. While this role is not a pure sales role, you need to be comfortable talking to people who are looking to buy. 
  • Answering the support questions of our European users and customers. 
  • Helping large customers use Qwilr excellently throughout their organisations.
  • Being the friendly face/voice of Qwilr in Europe.
  • Be a voice for our European users and customers inside Qwilr - this is especially true for communicating & collaborating with the product team. 
  • Working with the founders & the rest of the sales, success and support team to build our business in Europe. 

Our Process - What To Expect

Tell us your best customer moment: We know that dealing with customers can be complicated - but it can also be awesome. Tell us a time that you dealt with a challenging lead/customer/user where you turned a bad situation into a success. This can be in Sales, Support or Success role. We are interested in hearing your story and understanding why things had gone wrong initially, as well as why you were able to solve/improve the situation.

NOTE: Not to be longer than 500 words. Please also send a traditional CV too. 

Chat with the Team: If your note resonates with us, we'll set up a time for you to chat with Mark (our COO) and members of the team. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you. 

Task: We find that there is no better way to find out if someone will be good for the job than to have them do the job. We do this in some capacity for all hires across Qwilr. For this there will be a task that mirrors what it would be like to work with our users / customers. Tasks are not designed to be onerous - but they are designed to give us an insight into how you work.