Software Developer

Rise Vision

Thanks for the interest in us and our Software Developer position. We appreciate you taking the time to consider what we have to offer.

Building a great digital signage company begins with software development teams that empathize with and understand the customer and what they need done, more so, than the pursuit of technology for technology's sake. Our teams focus on the problem to be solved using a jobs to be done ( framework and once we thoroughly understand what needs to be accomplished we pick the best tools for the work - we make sure that we never get it the other way round.

Speaking of tools. We use Java, Javascript, AngularJS, Node.js, Electron, HTML, CSS, Gulp, Maven, Git, and pretty much the full suite of Google Cloud Platform to host and deliver our applications. SQL is also a big part of our daily lives as everything that our applications do is logged in some way to Big Query and we are always analyzing our data to try to improve the usability and performance of our applications in a continuous build, measure and learn cycle.

We work in small teams of 2 to 3 Developers, a UX Designer and a Product Owner. It’s the Product Owner's role to structure our backlog to deliver our solutions in the smallest iterations possible. Always building, measuring and learning. Our projects begin with a software design and the goal of the design is to turn the complex into the simple. If a design doc is more than a page or two we are more than likely over-thinking or over-stretching what needs to be done. All of our designs are peer reviewed and most, if not all, are shared with everyone in the company during our weekly share and learns. And if the solution is user facing we then create the user experience (, and once all of the upfront work is done we put some 0’s and 1’s in motion to build our application!

Everything we build includes reliability and usage logging and we make sure that we have all of the test coverage that we need to ensure continuous error-free delivery of our code. That’s right, we are a continuous build and release shop and as such we stay away from large risky code deployments. All code we push resides on GitHub, most of it is open source (, and nothing ever leaves from there to our servers without a pull request peer review.

If the above sounds like you, and if you love Scrum to organize teams, you work Kanban style, and you use Lean to continuously build, measure and learn, then we have the place for you!

Assuming you are still with me... You are a Software Developer because you love to create with code, not because it seemed like a good career move. You are passionate about technology and what it can accomplish, and you love hanging out and exploring what’s possible with like minded people. You have a check mark next to all of the tech references I made above and you didn’t just recently acquire the ability to put that check next to that experience box. You have been doing this for a few years and you have some death marches from hell stories to share. BTW, WE DON’T DO DEATH MARCHES.

Added bonuses - you live in G-Suite, move cards with Trello, talk all day long with the teams in HipChat, and when it gets complicated you move from Google Hangout to Hangout to get things done fast.

Did I mention we’re a virtual company? You are comfortable with and motivated by remote work; you have the discipline to self start, self manage, and get one thing done at a time. If you happen to live in the Toronto, Ontario area, or Lenexa, Kansas, that’s another bonus as we have offices in both places for meetups and access to equipment.

At this point you are probably wondering just who are these people? Say no more, here’s a quick video introduction to our story (, and if you are interested you can read more about how we work ( and how we pay ( Speaking of payment... We are paying an annual base salary of $80,000 to $90,000 depending upon your experience, and you will also participate in the company profit sharing ( plan and benefits.